Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sites to watch -updated

Predatorix kept a close eye on the mortgage banking industry. Cyrus had predicted over and over the failures that would be taking place in the banking industry and followed the shams that have been stripping equity from the American public. Cyrus accepted closure and Orix now has control over the site Cyrus had so painstakingly put together to show the hazards of the banks being allowed to parlay paper back and forth between one another. A massive paper trail to cover their activities so no one would be the wiser.Orix has deleted all of Cyrus's work that was online for all to see.

Christine Baker has started a suicide watch blog as people plan or use their deaths as a form of protest. Sad situation as people get so desperate they are willing to splatter their blood as a form of protest. I do hope Christine will forego this option that she is considering. She has worked hard to bring attention to these predators the best she could in the credit and insurance industries. She now feels that her efforts have been for nothing. In the November 1 post of Creditsuit she notes the GE (Lowes) Credit collectors tell her the suicide "taking days" as if it not happening soon enough when people reach such desperation that they contemplate and plan in taking their own life. She refers them to Christine put out over $1,200.00 for thirty sets copies of pleadings required by the Iowa Supreme Court, ink cartrige's and other paper copy needs here so we could make our protest pleadings in hopes that they would not allow such utter fraud to stand. She agreed with me as we thought surely the Supreme Court of a state would not ignore such blatent, documented and admitted fraud. She and I were both in error for they did allow the lies of judge Christensen's ruling and did nothing about any of it. The Appeals Court simply ignored my pleadings even after all of the pleadings I'd made had been accepted by a Supreme Justice. We might never understand how one Supreme Court Justice can make a ruling and a lower court can just ignore that ruling. It goes to show how corrupt the Justice System of this country has become.

The spirit of greed throughout the credit industry has assisted in this economic fiasco through these great lies and the insurance industry has followed that train through mass deception. May all these who would perpetrate these lies to make gains to what they were not entitled to, feel that utter desperation of those who are willing to commit suicide have already experienced. When it happens to them I hope they begin to realize choose life, as the grave holds no hope for them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The country is in and econ o my breakdown

With e con o my operating the financial system we can all be grateful they have done such a great job. They have deregulated and monopolized themselves and everyone else into the crisis called "The Financial meltdown of 2008".

Bringing this country into a Depression Era crisis as the leaders of this country filled their own pockets, stood by and watch. I would like to bless each and everyone who had a hand in stripping the American citizen of this country with the same fate that Wells Fargo has blessed my husband and I.

The Lord says we are to bless our enemies so for you who would see to destroy my Lord's people I wish blessings of truth for you as you have very little in you.

For those willing to stand against the corruption of these worldly men who seek to destroy others for their own greedy gain I ask that the Lord bless you with health, wealth and spirit to battle the beasts of this world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spirit of Law?

“Stan has played a key role in building Wells Fargo into one of the nation’s, and the world’s, most admired companies with a reputation for integrity and a respect not only for the letter of the law but spirit of the law,” said Chairman and CEO Dick Kovacevich. “On an industry level, he was very instrumental behind the scenes in helping break down Depression-era barriers among banking, brokerage and insurance industries to make the promise of one-stop shopping for financial services a reality for customers. He also helped influence national legislation that created interstate banking. We’re very fortunate to have a successor of Jim Strother’s experience and leadership skills ready to take the reins of this key corporate function.”
Breaking down of the "Depression era barriers" has led the country down the path to financial destruction as it is evidenced today in the News. The law meant nothing to Wells Fargo as they sent their hired gun (local law enforcement) out to pass out his "Have Gun Will Travel" cards and threaten people to release equipment that Wells Fargo had NO ENTITLEMENTS too! The Letter of the law meant nothing to Wells Fargo as they misguided my SBA loan funds in order to assist in breaking the mining operation. The letter of the law meant nothing to Wells Fargo as they created and altered documents in my SBA loan documents. With the current meltdown of the entire monetary system it is obvious Wells Fargo has their hands in the mix. How many fraudulent mortgage and business loans does it take to take down a countries financial system? Ask Wells Fargo to account for the mess they have helped create. Put the Wolves and Foxes in the Hen House and eventually there are no chickens left.

The events of today were foretold Predatorix.

Money laundering for the illicit funds that have been scooped off the backs of every American out there via loan fraud scams of these criminals.

James Richards, CAMS Executive Vice President and Corporate Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Officer, Wells Fargo & Co Richards is the author of "Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering" (CRC Press, 1998).
Stephen D. Morrison
Vice President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Des Moines, IA

Morrison serves on the Mortgage Bankers Association of America Federal Legislative, State Legislative and Regulatory (Chairman 2001-2003), Regulatory Compliance (Chairman 1991-1993), Quality Control, Financial Institutions (Chairman 1997-1999), and Legal Issues Committees (Vice Chairman 1997, Chairman 1998). He also represents Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as a Director and Secretary of the Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO) and as Chairman of the Board of the Electronic Financial Services Council (EFSC). From 1995 to 2000, Morrison was the Chairman of the Board of the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS).
HomeServices Lending, LLC, a Wells Fargo affiliate is EWM's ...
Buffett says profit party's over for insurance industry........
Wells Fargo Announces Acquisition of Insurance Brokers of America...."We've grown to become one of America's largest brokerage companies by combining our national resources with great local agencies like Insurance Brokers of America," said Dave Zuercher, president and CEO of Wells Fargo Insurance Services. "We will continue to look for agency acquisitions that fit our operating philosophy and geography." Watch out my good friend they are moving in on you.
What you gonna do with a dog like that......
Help finding a local bank that is not operated by.......

Friday, August 22, 2008

If you are a victim please feel free to tell your story

You are invited to publish your comments on what Wells Fargo did to you. Hopefully one day law enforcement will stop these theives.
sheratonhomesvictims said...

In 2006 Wells Fargo (Town East office in Mesquite Texas)loan officer John Jackson worked with Pat Kennedy of Sheraton Homes in Greenville Texas to coerce my husband and me into signing what I now know to be fradulent loan documents. John Jackson, Pat Kennedy, and her employee, Kerry Sheehan, conspired to steal the $150,000 loan proceeds rather than ordering the home the loan was to pay for. I have been fighting this case for almost 2 years. The police have the case but are doing nothing nor are the Texas Rangers. Despite the fact that I have the documents proving theft and fraud no one seems to care. Have gotten civil judgment against Kennedy and Sheehan but the civil suit against Wells Fargo is ongoing and no end is in sight. Law enforcement officials tell me if we can ever get to court the case will be a slam dunk as the criminal behavior and fraud are blatantly obvious in my considerable documentation. Meanwhile Wells Fargo has destroyed our previously perfect credit rating. We still have no house and have been financially devastated. Wells Fargo continues to cover up their crimes rather than doing the right thing by stepping forward telling the truth and fixing the situation.
Wells Fargo has to be the worst bank in the history of banking. Oh how I'd love to see a bunch of their employees and principals where they prison!!!

DITTO!! I agree there are many on the upper rungs that belong in jail.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Help for fraud victims of Wells fargo

If you arrived at this site seeking help for the fraud committed by Wells Fargo I encourage you to make sure you if you are getting an attorney, get one that does not work for Wells Fargo first. Check their background. Be very careful in seeking help. Find every resource available. You can research federal laws at the Cornell Law website. Find out what your local state laws are. In our case Wells Fargo managed somehow to circumvent every state law I found even the Court Rules that claim when fraud is discovered by the court the court must take action in favor of the victim. I would hate to see this happen to another. Educate yourself if you can. The information is available on the Internet. In our case it was as an attorney stated to me a total "Scorched Earth policy." We suffered a massive burn and bury that included our original attorney Steve Wandro and law enforcement helping Wells Fargo. Hopefully this will not happen to you.

If Wells Fargo has not filed against you in court already you can file a complaint with the OCC/Office of the Comptroller of Currency, [note, this does not mean it will do you any good]. You can also file with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can file a copy of your missing money, shortchange accounts, and your other issues such as altered documents from Wells Fargo with your attorney generals office too, results will depend on the integrity of your particular state's attorney general office. You may want to consider having multiple copies made and send one to each office. There is no guarantee you will be able to recover what has been stolen but you can try and I hope you find an attorney and officials in your state that will help you. As many of the attorneys told me along the way, they have to make a living too. So they cannot afford to take on a large beast even when they would like too. Finding an attorney to actually help you may be very hard as most either work for the large corporate companies that have control over our political justice system and major politics in the country. You need to know that the majority of laws and judges are not conducive in helping prose defendants. Judges on a whole will not respect a crime victim as you seek justice if you have been majorly cheated or abused by the authorities and these large corporations. If you are expecting justice or reparations for losses from others actions please do not get your hopes up in many states and areas throughout the nation. That does not mean to give up, it just means don't expect justice because it may not to be there in the courts. Now days many courts are merely a place for highly paid attorneys and judges to twist the law to favor corporations and ignore abuses by authorities even when these abuses are clear and concise.

The OCC simply sent me back a letter from the banker that denied any wrong doing to the OCC. The documents prove otherwise but the OCC claimed they could do nothing about it because Wells Fargo already had me in court. They also would not help My husband even though he was not a party to the court action or on my corporate loan.

If you have elderly family members that have banked with a bank Wells Fargo has assumed or took over you may wish to review all of their records to insure they received proper credit and no overcharges. I would personally not trust wire transfers from any Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo banks or banks that are owned by Wells Fargo that have not had a name change.

Fraudulent practices are very hard to recover from. That does not mean give up or do not try to recover what has been taken from you++. Hopefully others will learn how to protect themselves better from what victims of Wells Fargo have already experienced.

Wells Fargo has had a free ride for a long time as they make deals to take public taxpayers funds and say they will put in buildings and give local jobs in favor of officials overlooking their illegitimate practices.

The best one can do is ask our political leaders in our states & Washington to protect the people they are representing for better controls to stop these type of predators because no one is safe from these wolves in sheep's clothing. We need legislation to help fraud victims recover their losses from the types of criminal activities that we have in common. Legislation that will immediatly stop illegal practices from continueing in the courts. This legislation needs to be retroactive and proactive. Corporate fraud should have no times limits. People such as those who suffered losses from Eron and those who have been cheated by banks should be able to recover at any time the fraudulent nature of these practices have been revealed.

Those with loans from Wells Fargo and those with their money in the care & trust of Wells Fargo both suffer from the things that you were searching for when you arrived at this site. Wells Fargo stole and assumed my identy and the Iowa courts here promoted, supported and allowed it to happen. Evidence and testimony of fraudulent activity was worse than ignored. Evidence and facts were twisted 360 degrees opposite of the actual evidenced facts of the case by the judge in his ruling. Then it was allowed to stand in the state Appeals Court and the state Supreme Court. I have only one very limited experience in federal court so I cannot personally comment on the federal court system.

A few states have started taking actions. Check with your state attorney generals office if you are a victim to see what is being done or if anything has been done to stop these predatory and illegal actions. Become informed even if you have not suffered great losses. If you can take action to protect yourself and your neighbors before it happens.

"OCC’s examiners found numerous and recurring deficiencies in Wells’s BSA compliance program from 1999 through 2004. Among the deficiencies identified were weak internal controls over the program, inadequate independent testing of business lines, lack of BSA oversight, and failure to file suspicious activity reports (SAR) in accordance with regulations and program requirements."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Government Accountability

I salute Senator Chuck Grassley for pursuing government accountability.

When mistakes are made own up and quit hiding behind authority of your positions who ever you are. Don't hide the truth and work to make a victim out of the whistle blowers.

FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family operated businesses are at risk

More people asking for help from our lawmakers on Capital Hill. Support reform for justice when courts abuse victims of fraud.

The blog "Fraud Upon The Court" relays messages all should be aware of.

Courts allowing and helping companies like Wells Fargo to abuse and traumatize victims after they have helped to destroy them financially is fraud upon the court. When Wells Fargo uses the law enforcement officials who are an arm of the court to steal private property it is fraud upon the court. Courts consider attorneys and law enforcement an extention of the arm of the court therefore as a citizen in court you have no rights if you do not have a legal degree and are not a member of the bar association. The ethical conduct standards for court administration and legal standards demonstrates a bias against any average citizen. This evidenced in written standards for ethical conduct.

In Iowa a person that borrowed money is automactically considered guilty of whatever charge is made by the bank. We were told it is an open and shut case because I had borrowed the money. This does not negate from the fact that the bank padded, doctored and solicites a borrower with a concept. Their proposals look very inviting but rememberthat the proposal have to be packaged with pretty paper and ribbons otherwise the borrowers would not participate.

When the bank decides they have bled you long enough regardless if the claim is inaccurate and untruthful that the bank makes against you the current system concurs with the bank. A bank or servicing company for this bank can and will in many cases even work to recieve your family members personal property. Your family members property and assets are not safe from these predators when they decide to go after you.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fingers of Wells Fargo

Rod got a new job in December. These guys called him and offered him $25.00 an hour. Gosh it sounded good at the time. Shame that their word was not valid nor are their accounting measures (they shorted one of his paychecks over $300.00 through creative accounting). Makes one wonder if they were trained by by the Wells crew. He never did get that promised $25.00 an hour to come to Des Moines to work for them. Ironically though he did get fired without cause. Wait though, at the same time his boss got a large job for guess who? Wells Fargo!

The shirt Rod put on was wrinkled this morning. I asked why his shirt was so wrinky looking? He said, "Well once you've been ate by Wells Fargo. This is what you look like when you come out the other end." Hmm, looking like a street person with no place to go. I suppose that was the original intent when they went after his equipment and insured the vandalism of our home.

Wells Fargo should rename themselves Wells Fraudo they are definitely an unethical corporation. Willing to destroy rich or poor to meet the Wells Fargo CEO's appetite of greed. They did not get that 666 Walnut Street address in Des Moines by chance. It fits them to a tee.

Victims of Wells Fargo

How many are out there? They are countless because when one is victimize even if you do not realize it you are all victimized. By allowing predators such as Wells Fargo and those like them to exist society creates more victims than just those victimized at the time. One wheel rolling over the easy prey to begin with. As the wheel rolls over the victims the wheel grows gaining momentum and strength to find larger prey.

Great advertising by Wells Fargo photo snap of the Wells Fargo slogan captured by Predatorix. "Someday we'll foreclose on your home." With a lovely Picture of the Wells stagecoach and logo. Way to go Wells Fargo finally speaking a bit of truth about what you really like to do to people.

I personally would not want to, "Open a home equity account today". Wells Fargo works very hard at putting you into bankruptcy for they can steal more from you. Any attempts they can use to hide the truth. These people are damaging the entire world economy. You cannot create victims out of decent people and think it will not affect everyone in the longrun.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Commercial Alert

Each day as we search for help. We find sites of people actually trying to make a difference in our world. I found this one today called commercial alert.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

False 1099

Have you ever been sent a false 1099? After a multitude of phone calls someone was able to answer my questions. Can a bank or a financial institution send out a mics 1099 expense after they have stolen from you and sold you out for pennies in order to take you out of business. They do and they can. It is a freedom of choice for financial institutions to send out erroneous tax statements and take these erroneous deductions. At over eighty thousand dollars each these erroneous 1099 deductions could be a great tax savings to banks and leasing companies that send them out to the financially deprived such as ourselves. That could add up pretty fast in tax deductions. I wonder how many erroneous 1099's were sent out to defunct businesses in just one year in the United States? Such creative accounting certain people do use to cheat other people. Or as the attorney for Wells Fargo stated at the Appeals Court hearing, "Standard Banking practices". Standard banking practices include altered documents, false filings, fund shortages, misreporting of available funds, theft of private property and then upon refusal to go along with them they can top it off with extortionate collection practices.

Contracts mean nothing to these people. Wells Fargo could care less if they signed a specific contract with you. A breach of contract for Wells fargo is as simple as having the money to pay off attorneys and whoever else along the way you need on your side. Law means nothing to bullies like Wells Fargo. If it did they would not have alter so many of my loan documents and asked SBA to pay for it after they took me out of business.

Obviously lieing to SBA does not bother Wells Fargo because they told SBA I was out of business when they knew it was a lie. They did that to get SBA to concur with them.
Wells Fargo partners in crime.
This is as bad as claiming "We want to be your partner" when you are operating a business that they want. Preplanning with altered documents on taking away from you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Predatorix Studies

A good study lesson on how and where the money in banks go around. A very well put together site.

In time I will continue updating this blog

What transpired did not happen over night and involved many people. One comes to a point after years of asking for help in solving a crime that was committed against them of giving up. That is it. After years of asking why are you so greedy as to commit fraud in your attempt to steal what you were not rightfully entitled to. It appears you have won Wells Fargo. None the less you are still in my opinion the worst bank in the world.

Also by the way your big building in Des Moines, that arena, it is a joke and very junky. You get what you pay for and you definitely got it with that. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Replevin Argument To the Iowa Supreme Court

This link provides the content of what was stricken by the Iowa courts. This link is in pdf format

Adams Statement of the case online

Click this link to read the statement of the case

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In Re: Wells Fargo vs Robex and Adams

Judge Christensen struck Adams’ Resistance to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and awarded in favor of Wells Fargo. Judge Christensen in Fifth District Court ruled Adams resistance as being untimely in early 2003. To prevent the evidence Adams presented to the District Court from being entered into the court transcript that showed clear fraud by Wells Fargo, Judge Christensen found for Plaintiff by ruling Adams' Resistance to Plaintiff's Motion For Summary Judgment untimely. Adams cried out then, "Where Justice!" This ruling was over turned in a nunc pro tunc filed by Adams concerning a previous order from the another District Court judge that had given an order in favor of Adams for an extension of time that Adams had asked for in order to try and find an attorney.

Adams had spent weeks of phone calls to try to find an attorney and asking her own attorneys to help Adams gave up and used two weeks of time given by the court to file a resistance to Wells Fargo's request for summary judgment. At that point Adams had no idea that her attorney actually worked for Norwest/ Wells Fargo. Adams and her husband would not learn about this until 2005. Adams and her husband had to learn in a few short weeks how to make a filing of resistance to the request of summary judgment by Wells Fargo.

Unknown to Adams and her husband while Wells Fargo was pillaging and dragging Adams through the court. The county locally was transferring their house and property to their neighbors. They would not be aware of this until the Wells Fargo banker was telling his attorney "get her for fraud" at the end of the trial for the Replevin in October 2003. In the meantime what Wells Fargo and the sheriff did not already steal others help themselves to while Adams husband tried to keep her a safe distance from their home because she was still under continues threat by the local sheriff.

By 2006 when Adams was finally hoping for justice in the Supreme Court of Iowa for the illegal actions taken in the Replvin action. The Iowa Supreme Court bumped her back to the Iowa Court of Appeals. In her briefs Adams detailed each document that was submitting by the bank as evidence that was clearly and admittedly altered by "someone" in Wells Fargo according to the Wells Fargo banker in court. Judge Christensen ruled opposite of the testimony of even the bankers at the trial. Fully ignored the testimony the bankers gave of "Guessing" and "Guestimated". No viable proof was given to even that the payments were in arrears; the testimony of the banker claiming to have "guestimated" merely stated that the company was behind in payments. Wells Fargo did not provide records to show payments in arrears because they had shorted loan funds and did not credit payments properly. Adams detailed the deficiencies in the various amounts claimed owed by the Wells Fargo banker in all the filings Wells Fargo had created throughout the case. The amounts were clearly erroneous when compared with each statement given by the "Guesstimator" banker and each payment voucher the bank made up and submitted to the court.

If Wells Fargo had been compelled to prove their claim of default they would have had to show what they did to Adams corporate loan funds. The bank did not even have to show that the corporation was behind in payments only make statements by a banker that used "Questimating" to figure it out.

Even though the banker testimony was clear that even though he did not do it someone in Wells Fargo created and added the exhibit page to the UCC filing that only specifically claimed land Adams started the mine on. Nor could the banker tell the court exactly what corporation owed at any given time and exactly when a default occurred. Adams did not own the 399 acres that Wells Fargo was claiming on the UCC filing that was used to facilitate a cause of action. The bank used fraudulent documentation and false statements to the court and to SBA to concur and agree with their actions.

With the original UCC filing Wells Fargo took away the exhibit "A" they had provided Adams as to what was to be collateral for the loan, Adams and her husband's home the bank valued at $150,000.00. Judge Christensen claimed that false UCC filing was original as part of his final ruling. Ignored the testimony of the accurate ownership of the equipment that Wells Fargo had seized right down to the travel trailer Adams and her husband used (Wells Fargo sold the travel trailer at auction with no title) Wells Fargo had fired the original banker so he could not be found for that trial. He clearly states personal property was not a part of the corporate loan. He would not accept Rod's equipment for his wife's corporate loan for the mine.

Why would Wells Fargo wipe out Adams husband's landscaping business? Then keep Adams in court to run out the time limitations in Iowa state statutes?

In the final Order from the court of appeals however, by virtue of the omission of the word "properly" in the Supreme Court of Appeals the ruling was allowed to stand. Along with the facts of evidence and testimony showed the details that clear and concise erroneous bank created documents were supplied to the court by the bank. The appeals court struck these briefs that Adams wrote detailing the fraudulent actions of the bank. Adams had received an Order that stated all her briefs had been previously accepted by the Supreme Court. Alas the Supreme Court of Iowa denied justice by allowing Wells Fargo fraud to stand. As the attorney for Wells Fargo stated at the court of appeals, "Standard banking practices" of adding documents to a loan file and "Guessing", "Guestimating" and erroneous accounting measures. Accountability for wrongful actions denied.

In 2002, the initial attorney for Defendant Adams filed an incomplete Statement Of Robex. The original statement submitted to the District Court contains the following phrase, "no claim as an individual for any property "properly" included in this case". When Adams filed a Resistance she documented this and many discrepancies in the Plaintiff's voluminous filings. Adams Resistance was in fact filed timely and delivered in hand to Plaintiff's attorney and the Court. This attorney assured Adams Wells Fargo would have to provide accurate and proper documentation in order to take personal property. The initial judge instructed the attorney for the bank "Do not take anything you do not have make, model and serial number for". They did not! They took anything and everything they could using a hostile sheriff ("Have gun will travel") who just a few months before literally stole a dozer from Adams as their collector and enforcer for CitiCapital. It worked well for CitiCapital so Wells Fargo used the same tactics of using a hostile sheriff as a collection agency. The only difference is Wells Fargo skirted the law by getting a court order. Not that Wells Fargo abided in the courts instructions of "Do not take anything you do not have make, model and serial number for." Using the hostile sheriff with a court order without properly identification worked for Wells Fargo just like their made up papers in the loan were validatedeven though they were fakes. Make it look half good use threats and whatever works. Funny thing when you look at the history of the majority of executive/ceo's in Wells Fargo they worked for CitiCapital prior to taking charge of Wells Fargo. I cannot help but wonder if they were in cahoots with Citicapital in the dozer theft? That person who was my contact in CitiCapital was fired just the same as the original banker for Wells Fargo was fired.

The documents as posted at FindLaw do not reflect these and other discrepancies throughout the case. The reference to the case numbers were given to accentuate the fact that the Plaintiff seized Stubbs machinery and equipment without Stubbs being a party to the action. The court ruled in favor of Wells Fargo fully ignoring the phrase property "PROPERLY" that was in the initial filing in the body of their final decision. Striking Adams resistances and briefs that clearly outlined the fraud evidenced in court that the bank created was necessary for the court to preclude any charge of fraud against the Plaintiff. This measure proved successful. In the second case listed on Findlaw Adams was not a pro se defendant, either Find Law is in error or the information given to them is in error. Wells Fargo recieved a summary judgment award against Adams personally by Judge Christensen in the favor of Wells Fargo. The judge refused to allow a counterclaim or a trial for Adams could recieve justice and the fraud Wells Fargo committed could be dealt with and entered into court records. Justice was prohibited and major bank fraud committed by Wells Fargo against a small business owner and her husband was legalized by the courts of Iowa from October 2002 until January of 2006.

Wells Fargo has not had to answer for the misreported funds of the SBA loan, any of the false information that Wells Fargo gave to SBA, the misreported funds amounts or loan payments that Wells Fargo claimed was owing on the loan to the Iowa courts or any of the voluminous altered documents created by Wells Fargo in the loan account or the misreported funds that Wells Fargo reported to Adams and SBA. Wells Fargo can repeatedly lie, give false information to a borrower and SBA, the courts and get away with. Wells Fargo crushed a small business enterprise through deceptive illegal practices and stole my husband's business to insure my business could not survive.

In the 1970's and 1980's family farms were crushed to facilitate corporate farms. The Christensen family happens to own large corporate farms from Minnesota to Southern Iowa. For years now and today small family enterprises are crushed to make way for large corporations to control of federally funded projects such as road contracting and the federal farm subsidies available. It just so happens the Christensen family was also involved in the irregular property issues surrounding our land too. The proof is in the paperwork again. Property deeds made up from thin air or great great great grandchildren of property owners from ages ago signing quit claims deeds to create property transfers. At the county auditor's office and the recorders office penciling in owners and erasing actual property owners by county officials seems to work here in Southern Iowa. Then as in the case where the county had put Adams and her husband on land Adams parents owned, the tax assessor told the judge several times after the judge asked him, "Don't you use actual deeds to determine property ownership?" , "Give me a name judge I'll put it on there".

If one is not willing to partner or sign on with a large corporation or sign a waiver of rights when a major bank commits fraud upon you then you are subjected to court legalizing fraud such as the true record in this case proves.

Before Wells Fargo these were things faced daily

FOLANDS, IDOT, HALLET MATERIALS and the land the mine was on.
In 1997 Adams signed a lease for twenty years with Folands to start and operate a mining operation for sand and gravel on Folands property after Ronald Foland asked her to start a sand and gravel operation on his property. The initial lease agree the mine would be started on the land in sections 4 and 9 that Foland owned. The property Foland’s owned that was contiguous was a bottom ground area of 199 acres in sections 5 and 8. Adams agreed she would mine the areas in sections 4 and 9 first. Folands and Adams mutually agreed in the lease if the need arise later Adams could mine the areas in sections 5 and 8. The mining operation would provide high-grade construction materials locally to the Southern Iowa region.

Unknown to Adams until after the fact an Iowa Department of Transportation employee in 1999 talked to Folands at their home convincing them to have the lease with Adams cancelled through legal action. Telling the Folands if they would do this they (meaning persons within the transportation department) would bring in a large company that would start paying the Folands right away.

Folands had Adams serve papers by the sheriff’s office of Decatur County notifying her that they were demanding $20,000.00 or the cancellation of the lease. Adams checked to see what her options legally were with a recommended attorney George Frampton. During the meeting with Mr. Frampton and one Sean Pelliter Mr. Frampton informed her he represented Martin Marietta. He asked her if there were any problems with Martin Marietta. She responded not that she knew of she had gone to George May who worked for Martin Marietta at the time before signing a lease with the Folands. George had provided her with a lease as a pattern so she could write a lease between the Folands and herself. She had asked George if Martin Marietta would be interested in opening a mine there before she started the mine. The MM geologist that viewed the material was rude and not interested in starting a mine in Southern Iowa claiming “there is no sand in Southern Iowa”. George told Adams she should start the operation. Telling her “Becky you can do this try, try, try, take it as far as you can”. Mr. Frampton reviewed the lease and told her it look familiar as he wrote the original from MM that she had been given to use as a pattern.
Mr. Frampton asked her “What do you want? Do you want the farm?” She told him, “No I just want to do what I said I would do start a sand and gravel mine.” He said, “That’s all. You sure you don’t want the farm?” She replied, “No”. He told her in that case she should just get a hold of Lee Elson. Explaining to her she really need not need to spend the money it would take to hire him. He said “Elson can take care of this for you.” He also recommended that she call a friend of his Dick Sargent. Saying he can help you I think. She wrote down the name and phone number of his friend Dick Sargent.

Lee Elson filed the papers needed to address the situation with Folands and told Adams to just continue forward. This case would be settled the day of court outside of the courtroom in August 2000. Folands offered to sell the land to Adams. Adams told Foland she did not have the money so Foland gave her a purchase option good for one year from the date it was signed. If the option was not exercised the twenty year lease would still remain in effect from the starting date of the actual mining as the lease required. The start date for mining was agreed to be July 2000.

Several weeks after the agreement with the Folands on the land purchase option was made the main electrician for Hallet materials came to Adams/Stubbs house requesting landscaping services. He told Adams he was Hallet Materials main electrician. Explaining Hallets Materials was opening a huge sand and gravel mine down here. He said, “I am going to retire right here. I just built a new house right up the street at the edge of town.” Adams stood there listening to the man and said really! “Yup” the man stated, “They are dealing with some old woman and an older woman”. Adams considered the phrase “Old woman and older woman”. That could only be Doris Foland and Sandy Foland, Ronnie Foland’s mother and wife. He looked at Adams and she told him, “I did not know anyone else besides myself who owned a sand and gravel mine down here.” The conversation went back to the work the man wanted performed at his new house. Adams agreed to perform the work if her husband approved it for the electrician fixing a generator that her husband and her had bought. The man never completed the work he claim he would do for the landscaping work Adams performed with her husband’s tractor at his house.

Two major Hallet people had contacted Adams in 1997 asking her if should would get a DBE and let them be her partners. She asked, “What is a DBE?” they explain it was for disadvantage business enterprises and further explained to Adams that they wanted control of the multimillion dollar road contracts. They told Adams they would give her 20 percent over ride on the contracts they bid using her name. She told them she had been a contractor for 13 years in Idaho with DOT and never had to do that. She could not picture herself doing it now but write it all down and mail it to her. She would consider it.

In 1998 the big Komatsu dozer was sabotaged and the engine was destroyed. Before the spring season started in 1999 the engine of the dozer would have to be fixed. Running short of money after two years of getting the land ready to mine Adams elected to sell at discount a mortgage they held on a house that they had sold in Idaho in 1995.

In December 2001 the land purchase option was about to run out. Adams parents had just sold a property in Idaho. Adams asked them to buy the mine property. At least she would have some protection from the hostilities of people trying take over the mine like the DOT and Hallet Materials or any others that would illegally try to take over the mine. (NO! I can no longer think of mining at the place we dedicated our life savings and years at preparing to mine. My parents sold the land. They were afraid since the county had taken our house and transferred, refused to take my husband's name and my name off the county ownership records that Wells Fargo would steal their life savings also. So no land, no home in Idaho anymore. Rod's equipment is gone, we have not had water in this place since the Wells Fargo and sheriff raid. The pipes froze up throughout after the sheriff encouraged the propane man to take our propane and the tank. Yes the propane was paid for. It takes money to fix things when others break them. That is Life in Iowa!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

"What's your price?"

This link contains "Whats Your Price?"

Do you have a price or has your price already been paid. We each have choices in life. I choose to follow what I know is right and good. Evil can overtake us to quickly if we let it. I refuse to be a part of a corrupt corporate fleecing of the federal funds if I can help it. freedom of speech tells of one incident that happened since I started the mine in 1997.

Please forgive my inability to get the whole story online at once as I write these events down. It has taken the first month just to keep these pages alive and not be just more dead space in Cyberland. I am not a writer so have patience in you can. These things took a few years to transpire and the last three years has been spent trying to defend ourselves and survive while being in the Wells Fargo "Gourmet Grinder".